Private equity in India backs innovation, manufacturing and Bollywood cinema

Moris Beracha.- Many of those who know me know that I am passionate about a country like India, its people, its culture, its art or its food, including its spiritual contribu

India, Spain and Argentina in search of the new “Unicorn”

Moris Beracha.- The race to hunt the next "Unicorn" - which is the name given to start-up companies valued at more than $1 billion - has expanded and is injecting adrenaline

The private equity huge contribution to shale oil in just 3 months: $ 19.8 billion

The shale sector in the United States has become increasingly attractive to investors not because of rising oil prices but rather because producers have achieved startling co

Connect by MiriQ ™ and how we made this dream come true

Moris Beracha.- Can you imagine a powerful cellphone charger, which is a sound amplifier, a stabilizer case, and a clip to enable hands free mode in your phone? Your answer w

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