The private equity huge contribution to shale oil in just 3 months: $ 19.8 billion

The shale sector in the United States has become increasingly attractive to investors not because of rising oil prices but rather because producers have achieved startling co

Connect by MiriQ ™ and how we made this dream come true

Moris Beracha.- Can you imagine a powerful cellphone charger, which is a sound amplifier, a stabilizer case, and a clip to enable hands free mode in your phone? Your answer w

Moris Beracha: Private equity, the financial weapon of shale oil

Moris Beracha.- Richard Nixon’s dream of freeing the US from dependence on foreign oil since the 70s came to pass almost 40 years after and paradoxically that merit – une

Moris Beracha: A venture capital fund for Africa

Moris Beracha.- The fall in commodity prices in recent years has been affecting the world economies directly and indirectly. Large investments - in some cases - have had to b

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