Connect by MiriQ ™ and how we made this dream come true

by Moris Beracha

Connect by MiriQ ™ came from an idea that sought to make life easier for people who have become great consumers of information through their cellphones

Moris Beracha.- Can you imagine a powerful cellphone charger, which is a sound amplifier, a stabilizer case, and a clip to enable hands free mode in your phone? Your answer will surely be “No”, because so far now the market only offered all these products separately. However, thanks to supporting an idea that became entrepreneurship, nowadays we have “Connect“, a product manufactured by MiriQ ™ company, which brings together all these attributes that we were looking for in a single item.

Connect came from an idea that sought to make life easier for men and women around today’s world, who have become great consumers of information through their cellphones. This increasing demand makes any cellphone run out of battery easily in a few hours.

Connect could provide new attributes through an innovative design and modern style that makes easier to handle cell phones that are increasingly used for transmission, videos, photographs and music. Hence a high-definition sound amplifier is an idea that is not only curious but useful, and if the device also frees us from the hassle of wires and cables, it becomes a product that builds consumers big loyalty. In short: Connect makes our lives easier.

Connect was an idea that we could develop as a small team of human resources experts in technology, design, and finance. Its concept is based on the philosophy of its parent company, MiriQ ™, which has been developed step by step through the Private Equity business model.

How could we bring Connect to market?

It was a mixture of entrepreneurship with strategic planning. We showed that, no matter how small the idea may be, it can become a big project if it has the current fundamental requirement: Innovation. We were always aware that these projects must be landed in order to prevent a brilliant idea from becoming a failure.

For this purpose, it is necessary to first know well what is the idea to be developed and the scope it can have. That is where market knowledge is integrated. We knew that the users of mobile telephony have every day new needs due to the range of innovations developed by the world of technology.

In order to enjoy all these new apps and even the use of phones, it is necessary to have something essential: Energy, a resource that is exhausted. Therefore, the development of batteries that make our cellphones’ battery last longer is more than important, is fundamental.

The major concern was how to develop this product with finite funds and without the support of a large corporation. Hence, this entrepreneurship became a start-up that sought to rely on Private Equity. With a significant investment and the required shareholding we were able to afford the development costs of Connect. The idea was to create value for the product that would ensure a maximization of the share and shareholders’ value who decided to bet on this entrepreneurship.

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