Learning to dominate self-destructive emotions heals suffering

by Moris Beracha

Circumstances around us do not approach suffering, but our mind opens the door for it

Moris Beracha.- When we begin on the path of self-knowledge through the practice of mindfulness and Buddhist studies, suffering is one of the issues we are most concerned about, since this is one of the factors that prevent us from many progress when developing our values.

Certainly all human beings have from childhood experiences that can mark us or that conditions our way of facing different situations of our lives. However, mind, as well as the body, requires training to appropriately face each context of our reality. The only difference with our body is that the potential to go increasingly further into the formation of our mind is that there is no limit or goal. This means that the potential is unimaginable.

The first thing to understand is that circumstances around us do not approach suffering but our mind that opens the door for it. When we allow the emergence of self-destructive thoughts, it leads us to wrong actions. Hence the need to control it and understand that we have sculpted the way our mind understands reality based on frightening emotions and conceptions acquired since we were born.

The only way to get antidote for suffering is getting inside ourselves and understanding the origin of our emotions and why we feel them and what caused them. It is necessary to familiarize ourselves with the state of our own minds to understand how to dissolve ill-founded ideas and impulses back into the deeper realm of reality. Thanks to this, we begin to control negative ideas and slowly appease that suffering that thwarts us from advancing or experiencing fullness. If we manage to train our minds and stay in the present, we will realize that suffering exists but it is a choice.




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