Private equity in India backs innovation, manufacturing and Bollywood cinema

Moris Beracha.- Many of those who know me know that I am passionate about a country like India, its people, its culture, its art or its food, including its spiritual contribu

Connect by MiriQ ™ and how we made this dream come true

Moris Beracha.- Can you imagine a powerful cellphone charger, which is a sound amplifier, a stabilizer case, and a clip to enable hands free mode in your phone? Your answer w

Moris Beracha: Private equity, the financial weapon of shale oil

Moris Beracha.- Richard Nixon’s dream of freeing the US from dependence on foreign oil since the 70s came to pass almost 40 years after and paradoxically that merit – une

Moris Beracha: A venture capital fund for Africa

Moris Beracha.- The fall in commodity prices in recent years has been affecting the world economies directly and indirectly. Large investments - in some cases - have had to b

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