US court dismissed Lawsuit against Moris Beracha

by Moris Beracha

The Court of Connecticut, dismissed the civil lawsuit against Moris Beracha. This, is the final judgment and implies that the claim cannot be filed again

Moris Beracha.- On August 27, 2014, the District Court of Connecticut, United States, dismissed the civil lawsuit against businessman Moris Beracha and related entities through his designated advisor John J. Carney; therefore, the Case No. 12-CV-00180-SRU Carney v. Beracha, was dismissed.

This decision is the final judgment and implies that the claim cannot be filed again. The agreement reached explains that there is no responsibility or liability on Beracha.

Eric Lewis, a partner of Lewis Baachpllc Middlemiss and Beracha’s legal counsel in this case, stated: “We are very happy to have reached an agreement. Moris Beracha hopes to leave this situation behind and continue doing business with the integrity and responsibility that he has always had. Mr. Beracha has shown a proactive and constructive attitude towards the resolution of this litigation.”

The suit was filed in February 2011, following the appointment of the aforementioned advisor by the Connecticut District Court, at the request of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The advisor was commissioned to manage the assets of a series of investment funds previously managed by Francisco Illarramendi. Likewise, he was granted the power to recover part of the profits obtained by investors in various financial transactions with Illarramendi.

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