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I began my professional career in 1978, at age 18, when a small family capital allowed me to have my first experience as a stockholder at Inversiones Planina, a business devoted to the purchase, sale, lease and management of real estate property in Venezuela. That first experience helped me define my interest in the financial sector therefore, two years later (1980), I pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas.

Thanks to the strong support of my family, I was able to combine my academic education with internships in the administrative field in several business projects such as Manufacturas Akta, Cartonera del Caribe, Comercial Aca-New and Inmobiliaria Yacambú.

In the mid 80’s, after graduating from Universidad Metropolitana, I started a new stage of my professional life in the financial market world. I became an international representative for Equitable Securities an investment bank based in New York.

In 1987 – after the New York Stock market crash- I took the opportunity to build my own bank by acquiring Equitable Securities’ assets and turning them into Westfalia Investments Inc.

In the middle of a difficult environment and sterile times for international markets, my team and I defined an innovative strategy. We focused in emerging markets and after many months of efforts we began to grow strong. By 1990 this project included over 70 employees and generated over 30 million dollars per year.

I never stopped my business in the Venezuelan market; I managed it through the financial firm Rendival Mercado de Capitales, which years later changed its name to Westfalia Capital Markets. Further in the year 2000 it became Bestinvest, one of the few 100% Venezuelan stock market firms still active in that country.

Bestinvest is known for carrying out some of the most famous fixed income issuances in the last years in Venezuela.

In 1999 I was also director of Banco Caracas, providing advise on personal and commercial mortgages, foreign currency transactions, investment services, special financing programs, assets in escrow, and international banking activities.

By the late nineties I developed a new line of work in Private Equity projects, the strategy focused on the acquisition of stock packages of businesses that had significant growth potential to provide them with financial restructure and take advantage of new business opportunities.

With that vision in mind I actively participated in several success cases, such as the re-launch of businesses with a wide brand portfolio in a variety of markets, examples of these are Tiquire Flores, Protinal Proagro, Integral Power, Ondulados de Venezuela, Celistics, Movilway and Sure Destiny.

During the last years I have focused my interest in the development of exciting projects in the Telecommunication sector, through investments in two businesses of significant growth potential. Such is the case of Celistics, a logistics operator and distributor of electronic equipment; and Movilway in charge of the distribution of mobile recharging and payment services in emerging markets.

My commitment with excellence, my strong family values and the passion with which I endure each project, have taught me that human beings may only discover themselves by overcoming the obstacles they find along their path.

Bestinvest, registered in Caracas in 1995 is one of the few 100% Venezuelan brokerage firms currently operating in the financial market, with remarkable emissions of fixed income bonds in the last few years. Moris Beracha joined Bestinvest as shareholder on June 2, 1997.

Celistics, the logistics operator and electronic equipment distributor with outstanding growth in Latin America and with presence in Europe and Asia, offers solutions throughout the whole supply chain and logistics applied to the technology and communications industries.

Movilway, distributor of telephone reloads in Latin America, provides payment services through mobile phones in emerging markets. It offers safe and innovative services, adapted to the needs of the market and to expectations from retailers and users.


Orquesta infantil y coro
Orquesta infantil y coro


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